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New Year to Reboot

Well, it’s a New Year and also a 3 day weekend. I just got back from an 8 day vacation on the East Coast and can’t wait to go through those photos and see what kind of memories I captured. So far the highlight for me was going through family photos with my Uncle and then seeing my dad with his best friend from childhood — they were neighbors. I can only hope that when I am up there in years I will still be super close with my neighborhood best friends and we can have hilarious moments remembering the past.

Anyways, today has been a day of cleaning. One thing I will say about this desert weather is that you can open the windows and let in the fresh air rather than wanting to curl up by a fireplace and read a book.

To be rather gross, our kitchen smells like several things rotted to the point of possibly coming back to life as a more simple organism (mmm, mold).  So I have tossed EVERYTHING in our fridge that has expired or was in the goo-stage (found some carrots in a plastic bag that were just orangey-brown liquid and some salad dressing that expired last summer). I’ve also washed all.the.dishes. that had accumulated in or near the sink and around the house.

Poor pup is horrified by all of this cleaning action. He’s curled up in a ball on the couch sleeping away his stress. What a life for a pup. It’s only going to get worse Little Dude — I’m busting out the vacuum cleaner once I put away the dried dishes.

Here’s to a cleaner New Year with more responsible recycling and reusing.


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Getting In Gear

Today I did a 15 minute work out that kicked my butt.  FIFTEEN MINUTES. I felt dead and exhilarated all at the same time.  Now, why can’t I do a workout like this every day rather than festering in my own “I don’t feel fit” funk?  The answer is, I have to pull myself out of the funk because it’s like super mucky boot-sucking mud.  I’m trying to not fall face first into the mucky mud rather than focusing on the need to just get the hell out of the muck. This is an analogy of something that really happened to me.  Thankfully, with the help of an auger tossed by a coworker I got myself out of the muck.  Is my medicine ball my auger? My weights? Hopefully I can keep these 15 minute workouts going to nudge myself closer to the trail so I can take off running — boots and all with mud flinging off of me the farther away I get.

I focus on the minutiae way too often and forget to see the big picture. Then I just stop and stare at the big picture and things don’t get done. 

Fitness isn’t easy when you feel mired down by everything else.  It’s hard when it isn’t your top-ish priority. I need to move it up the list. Violin practice also needs to move up the list.  You’d think for something I love so much I’d put in the dang hours, but no. . . I get sucked into cleaning off bits of tables here and there and washing dishes and cleaning counters and feeling despondent about our lack of a clean house. 

Depressed? No. Overwhelmed? Hell yes. 

Like a coworker almost says, “Time to grow a pair and pull up the Big Girl Panties.”  

Here’s hoping all this rainy weather gets me geared up to DO something.  I know rain usually makes people want to hunker down in bed, but I’m taking it as an opportunity to get ish done while my hands go numb and then come sit at the computer to warm them up again (this laptop is TOASTY) and rinse repeat.  I miss our dog, he was awesome for warming up hands. . . or feet. .  you just wedged them under him while he sat on the couch and he’d give you a, “REALLY?!” look and then give a resigned sigh.

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