I am down but I’ll get up again

I’ve been thinking about inspirational songs that show hardship and make me feel a bit better about struggles, large and small.

These are two of the ones that immediately come to mind thanks to the wonderful world of Spotify and my random playlist.

Cher’s You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me from the movie Burlesque

R.E.M.’s Everybody Hurts

I will add more as I think of them, but these are the ones that I heard while cleaning the kitchen and packing up a few more boxes.

Razor Unwanted

While I was in the shower today I had a thought — I only shaved my legs for 7 years. I started in July when I was 15 and stopped by the time I was 22. It wasn’t worth the cuts, porcupine spine hairs and skin irritations. I don’t have the world’s darkest or robust leg hair so it isn’t like I can compete in a Wookie Fur competition.

I had a Mani/Pedi before my brother-in-law’s wedding and the salon guy gave me all kinds of grief over how I don’t shave my legs. Not shaving your legs isn’t unclean or filthy or even lazy. Hats off to the millions of ladies that do this every other day with whatever method they prefer, but it isn’t something I care to deal with. If I were a competitive swimmer I’d feel different. It’s like having short nails.  I have short nails because I played the piano for about a decade as a kid and cutting them was trained into me. You can’t play the piano with nails — I tried.

We all make our life choices and do what feels right for ourselves. Some of us live for denim and a t-shirt, others want monthly Mani/Pedis. I enjoy wandering past the makeup section of Macy’s and no one gives me a second glance. Now I will admit to enjoying wandering the shops and looking at all the dresses, shoes, purses and jewelry. . . I’ve spent hours doing just that, but my wardrobe certainly shows the less girl side of things.

Now excuse me while I go put on my ball cap and flannel shirt to go enjoy the evening air.

The Packing … again

Moving, quite honestly, SUCKS. The packing, sorting, trashing/donating and general stress is less than ideal. Thankfully this time we are not also trying to sell our house.  As I am currently between jobs so this means that I am the main packer and sorter so I am trying to stay motivated and organized. Good thing we kept our non-trashed boxes from the last move. . . read label on box, find items, put back into box.

Little Dude is NOT a happy camper about all of this and has decided that the tape dispenser needs to be snapped at whenever it is in use. He will come running into whatever room you are using it and gets very very irate at it. I think it must be the sound because he just sniffs at it and looks at me like, ‘Now what?’ when it isn’t in use.

We are also ditching our futon. Not moving with that giant hunk o’ junk again, nope nope nope. It’s been the home to our winter gear — snowshoes and skis for the past 5 1/2 months and it’s just not going to find a happy place in our new place.

I’m sad neither one of us found jobs in the current locale, but onward and downward (in elevation)!!! Adventures await us and I am ready to see what will come of this move. It’s not Death Valley, but it sure ain’t the Pacific Northwest either. Also, who gets nosebleeds when they drop 4000 feet in elevation? Apparently I do. . . That sucked. A LOT. Actually it mostly dribbled. TMI? Oh well.

What a city does to us

We love ethnic food. Even Little Dude gets excited when he smells something other than burgers. Okay, he gets excited for onions, so he probably isn’t the best judge. Anyways, now that we live in a city with real restaurants and tons of options that don’t hurt your digestive system. Sorry Helena, but that sushi place on the west side of town terrifies me and I regret ever having eaten there. And I won’t even begin on what L&D does to a person. *twitch*

Yesterday was Christmas Eve and while a lot of places, like grocery stores, closed early, a lot of restaurants were open. I went to a very nice Christmas Eve service that was similar but nothing like the one I grew up attending. There was still a candle lighting and we all sang Silent Night and I kept true to form at keeping my candle burning until everyone else had blown theirs out. Anyways, upon arriving home The Hubs decided he was super hungry and wanted to go hunting for food… at 9:30 pm. So off we went. Lo and behold, one of our favorite Indian Food places was open. So we grabbed what we could from the buffet and ran home to eat it. Little Dude was thrilled until he realized he wouldn’t get any.

*Note: If a buffet location says, “Here is this container for take out, take what you can,” I WILL pack it to the gills and have food for 3 meals rather than just 1. You don’t charge $17.99 for a buffet and not expect me to go a bit overboard with the packing. I come from a long line of over packers so this is the same kind of game — here is your case, now fill it to the gills.

I’m having leftovers for lunch and for dinner we’re making Chicken Tikka Masala. Depriving us of good Indian Food for almost 6 years has left a hole in our souls and we’re filling it with tasty goodness.

Wind and Cleaning

Today we are in a high wind warning. The ridge is covered in clouds, the wind is whistling in our poorly insulated window by the kitchen and Little Dude is in a huff about not getting out for a good play session.  We did have some adventures — I vacuumed. Woe unto the four legged beast who must share a room with THAT contraption. He is both fascinated and terrified of it. When it’s off he does the full body stretch of standing as far as he can but if he stretches he can get in a good sniff or two to see what it’s all about. When it’s on he just backs up and jumps around like, “WHOA, WHAT WHAT WHAT…. EEEK!”  He hasn’t started barking at it which is what Bacca used to do until he figured that he could drop his toys in front of it to see if it would play with him. Sadly the vacuum cleaner and wielder would rather clean the carpets than play Toss The Toy Out Of The Way.

Our other adventure is in watching TV. Some shows Little Dude just curls up and goes to sleep or chews on a toy — not so with Poirot. I think the strange accents and all the car/train/plane noises have him fascinated. He either sits bolt upright next to me or right in front of the TV watching it VERY closely. Sometimes he looks behind the TV to see if he can get a better vantage point. Silly pup. At least watching TV with him is entertaining on several fronts.

Today is also going to be a good day for baking dog treats. I’m going to attempt some cookies and possibly some flat cracker type things. We’re running low on treats we have already spent money on and since we have PLENTY of ingredients it’s time to bust out the baking skills. Sadly the kitchen needs some cleaning before I can really start baking but that shall have to wait until we have had our blustery walk/hike.


I suppose this could go on the dog blog, but I’m going to write from the human point of view for once.

Little Dude spent 3 days at a kennel for temperament assessment and swimming assessment. He’s a social butterfly so we weren’t worried aside from the whole “our dog has never tried swimming and never seemed very into it.” He did wonderfully and people loved him. He played well with the other dogs (no surprise) and by Day 2 of swimming lessons was going into the water on his own with the other dogs. I believe the key phrase to note is “with the other dogs.” Otto will do just about anything if other dogs are doing it too. He is very Pack oriented. He gets kinda Pack Happy at the dog park too.

Tired is as tired does, so he is passed out on the couch with me. For a while the hubs was here too so it was a family couch cuddle, but now it’s just me. It started out okay with a real snuggle and then I got up for a minute. This led to LD turning around and crawling his way to face me. . then inch closer and now there is a paw on my leg as the laptop is keeping him from getting his whole head on my lap. Part of his muzzle has made it onto my hip as well.

Snuggle pup moments are meant to be cherished and for an ~8 month old pup, I’ll take what I can get. He was just, “Oh, you smell familiar, but let me go sniff these bones and ignore you” when I went to pick him up. He was more enthused to meet the friend who is visiting us for a few days to help us get settled than to see me. Gee… thanks. But we are back in the snuggle routine and he’s allowing us to foster a human for another few days. Flexible Pup, that’s our Little Dude.

I’m glad he’s home, but I definitely enjoyed the 3 days of being able to maneuver around the house and go out and run errands without having to battle the Boat Anchor/OMGLETSGOLETSGOLETSGO dog walk adventures. Also, our apartment looks far more like a livable space than a maze of boxes.

Late on the Band Wagon

Like many movies, I just never saw My Girl. I knew about it, I remember the previews, I remember everyone going to see it and saying it was sad. I remember My Girl 2 coming out and still not seeing it. I just didn’t want to. Well, I’ve now seen My Girl and promptly burst into tears during the scene when she just wants him to wear his glasses. I am really pleased with how well they did the whole ‘confronting death’ for her. It wasn’t easy to watch, I burst into tears and sniffled my way through the rest of the movie. It covers a lot of what someone could really go through when facing death.

I haven’t lost a best friend that way, but if I had I’m sure I’d have felt like running to the doctor and asking for the pain to stop too. Thankfully I still have my best friends and the pain of losing them is something I have yet to deal with. We all face it at some point in some way. By the time I was 11 I probably felt overwhelmed by death — pets, Farfar, a classmate in 1st Grade, church members, possibly even a neighbor too.

I am really glad that there are movies out there that deal with real experiences and real emotions without making them a huge deal. It’s a refreshing take from how a lot of movies are done today — everything is over the top and angst-filled. We don’t need to have that kind of sensationalism. Real life is full of pains and joys, why make it something so over the top that you can’t imagine it’s real or that reality is somehow lessened because the musical score and EPIC moment didn’t happen. Imagination is a powerful thing and we shouldn’t discount it, but we also don’t need to feed it to the point of gluttony.

Does imagination have a glutton-setting? I don’t know, sometimes it feels like it. When your brain can’t handle any more of it and you can’t make it stop and it just keeps going and going and going and you want to scream but you can’t because it’s just your brain and no one else can see what’s going on in the movie screen behind your eyes.

To come back to the point, I am very glad to have my friends and to have seen this movie.