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** From September 2014 **

Today I, and 6 others, helped a friend load her moving truck. She is moving away to Texas and we are all really going to miss her.  It’s going to be really weird on Monday to not have her come downstairs to say hello or to talk about gardens and SI and games and Mahjong.  She’s become a huge part of my weekly routine and now that routine is gone.

Oh the flip side, seeing how organized and diligent she’s been about her move makes me want to get just as crazed and organized as she’s been. There’s so much to learn from the friends and people around you.  I forget this lesson from time to time and just wallow in my own head, but I’m trying to clean up that muck and push forward.

One organizational tip from her is to use colored duct tape on boxes, tubs, etc to mark what room it belongs in or a general hint to what it contains.  I’m currently using fluorescent orange to mark our book boxes. So far those are all the boxes I have, but we have other things already packed up that are the wrong season.  I need to make an assessment of those boxes and apply the necessary duct tape color.


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That moment when…

you realize you are in love with someone

But that someone isn’t anyone you’ve met.

It’s who you will become.

It can be hard to stand on the edge of that precipice and see that image glittering in the air of possibility, and you can’t quite see what’s behind it, or how it came to be there. You just know that the only way to truly meet that person is to leap. . . and hope the path shows up. Trust in that leap.


This message brought to you by seeing an opportunity open and being given a chance at something that was the whole reason for moving.

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There has been a lot of upheaval in the world and in my life. Right now we are facing the hunt for a new place to live and THAT is just a thrill a minute. It also means the ever enjoyable job of searching for a job or getting a transfer to a new office. While I am not the biggest fan of the job hunt, it always opens my eyes to what I feel I CAN do and what I WANT to do. I’ve recently debated on being an Environmental Planner or maybe get in to Environmental Engineering.  When I was an undergraduate I debated on going to the Engineering school, but I would have been in college for about 6-7 years and that wasn’t very appealing at the time. There are some unique circumstances there that I won’t go into now.

Sometimes I sit back and wonder if the Engineering Genetics didn’t have the right idea. But I really like Conservation Biology. I believe quite strongly in it and have continually tried to pursue a job that at least touches on that field.

Environmental Planning = I can learn a lot of it on the job and don’t necessarily need more school.

Environmental Engineering = the only way is more school from what I can see.

I have actually started watching the MIT Online course for Differential Calculus. Can you guess what it starts with?  DERIVATIVES!! Okay, so I might miss math a bit. I haven’t had to actually remember any of my maths or statistics for quite some time because the jobs I have taken didn’t need those skills.


Time to go watch some Calculus classes and see if I still want to keep going down the road of a career change.

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New Year to Reboot

Well, it’s a New Year and also a 3 day weekend. I just got back from an 8 day vacation on the East Coast and can’t wait to go through those photos and see what kind of memories I captured. So far the highlight for me was going through family photos with my Uncle and then seeing my dad with his best friend from childhood — they were neighbors. I can only hope that when I am up there in years I will still be super close with my neighborhood best friends and we can have hilarious moments remembering the past.

Anyways, today has been a day of cleaning. One thing I will say about this desert weather is that you can open the windows and let in the fresh air rather than wanting to curl up by a fireplace and read a book.

To be rather gross, our kitchen smells like several things rotted to the point of possibly coming back to life as a more simple organism (mmm, mold).  So I have tossed EVERYTHING in our fridge that has expired or was in the goo-stage (found some carrots in a plastic bag that were just orangey-brown liquid and some salad dressing that expired last summer). I’ve also washed all.the.dishes. that had accumulated in or near the sink and around the house.

Poor pup is horrified by all of this cleaning action. He’s curled up in a ball on the couch sleeping away his stress. What a life for a pup. It’s only going to get worse Little Dude — I’m busting out the vacuum cleaner once I put away the dried dishes.

Here’s to a cleaner New Year with more responsible recycling and reusing.

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Moving, quite honestly, SUCKS. The packing, sorting, trashing/donating and general stress is less than ideal. Thankfully this time we are not also trying to sell our house.  As I am currently between jobs so this means that I am the main packer and sorter so I am trying to stay motivated and organized. Good thing we kept our non-trashed boxes from the last move. . . read label on box, find items, put back into box.

Little Dude is NOT a happy camper about all of this and has decided that the tape dispenser needs to be snapped at whenever it is in use. He will come running into whatever room you are using it and gets very very irate at it. I think it must be the sound because he just sniffs at it and looks at me like, ‘Now what?’ when it isn’t in use.

We are also ditching our futon. Not moving with that giant hunk o’ junk again, nope nope nope. It’s been the home to our winter gear — snowshoes and skis for the past 5 1/2 months and it’s just not going to find a happy place in our new place.

I’m sad neither one of us found jobs in the current locale, but onward and downward (in elevation)!!! Adventures await us and I am ready to see what will come of this move. It’s not Death Valley, but it sure ain’t the Pacific Northwest either. Also, who gets nosebleeds when they drop 4000 feet in elevation? Apparently I do. . . That sucked. A LOT. Actually it mostly dribbled. TMI? Oh well.

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Staging Day 2

The box maze continues. Little Dude woke up this morning and started huff-woofing at our boxes. There are A LOT of them, and we could make ‘running’ through the apartment A LOT of fun for him if we really wanted to. So far it’s staging craziness — we have everything socked into one room which will eventually turn into an office space for me. The hubs gets the totally awesome room with the stellar view. I’m jealous but he’s the one who needs an office space right now.

We’ve been in a hotel for the past week so I haven’t really experienced the sun waking me up in over a week. Our bedroom, even with blinds, gets lighter and lighter and by 7:30 I have no choice but to get up. I’m going to run with it — hopefully literally. The only problem is that now I am up and wanting to run errands to get a few things ready for the new home and nothing is open.

My dad was with us all last week and we had so many fun adventures hiking and exploring the new town. We went to a dog park and lo and behold a lady there is Swedish. Little Dude LOVES her dog — he would not stop trying to hump her. And yes I know it’s a dominance thing, but he honestly couldn’t stop and play and he has never been a major humper until he met her. The hilarious thing is that her name is Bella, and that is the same name of Bacca’s girlfriend. My dogs are doomed to follow a pattern. Anyways, the nice Swedish lady is a few years younger than my dad and by the end of our long conversation she was speaking Swedish with my dad. He was so happy. I’m hoping to get over to the dog park next week to see if I can find her again. She is really nice.

In our own little neighborhood we met some other nice people.  As the anvils rolled down the ramp fro the moving truck a neighbor came over to ask what they were for and to introduce himself. Turns out he used to turn the coals for his grandfather’s forge when he was younger and remembers helping out with his blacksmithing. It’s so nice to have a warm reception to your new home. Our last neighborhood was nowhere as nice and welcoming. People waved and said hi but overall we didn’t get that, “Welcome home” feeling that we had within 30 minutes here. It’s something I miss from my neighborhood back home. When I go home it’s imperative that I go see several people on our block and a few others several blocks away. It’s the way you do things there. I’m hoping that the people here turn out similarly.

The sun is creeping over the mountains and so I’m going to start unpacking more boxes.

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It’s horrible to move. It is also awesome. While walking our pup this morning I looked out at the sunshine hitting the golden leaves of the Quaking Aspen and causing the hills to glow. I promptly burst into tears. The pup bounded off into the trees to eat some wild animal poop. He came when called, turd in mouth, and was SO exuberant I forgot about my sorrow and forced him to spit out of some of the fecal matter.

This reminded me that we are moving on to new adventures and to grab the little excitements of the moment and cherish those. Sad as it is to leave this town and the friends we’ve made here, it’s super exciting to move on. I will miss this place, but in the ways you miss somewhere you lived for along time.  The beauty of this town will always be here and I can’t wait to come back and visit.

Today I learned that I will not see one of my closest friends here before we leave. She is the Bringer of Joy. You cannot help yourself but smile and laugh when you see and hear her. Her hugs are amazing, her laughter contagious. It physically hurts to say farewell to people like her. A coworker is throwing a potluck for us and as a fall celebration next week. I’m going to miss her so much. We’ve had ski adventures, cooking celebrations, hikes, dog stories and the ability to rant/plan/discuss at work.

On the joyous farewells — we are going to see a friend perform in a play the last night we were in town. I can’t wait. I saw him in Les Miserables and couldn’t help but laugh and cry. It was amazing. I’m so glad that he is our friend.

There are rare friends here and truly one of a kind. I am looking forward to heading to our new home with mountains where I will get to reconnect with a friend I haven’t seen in years (Pre Hurricane Katrina!!) but who truly understands the wonder of digital watches and the danger of turning into a penguin.

I’m trying to focus on the good and the great, but the sad and lonely are definitely popping up their ugly heads now and again. Pardon me while I go grab my box of tissues.

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