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I’m not sure I have followed why people say that IKEA furniture is the a major cause of divorce/breaking up. You follow the little pictures in the booklet and you’re done. There  isn’t any need to battle things out with your spouse/partner. If anything you should be livid at the quality of the materials you are working with. Have you tried to get a too-big screw to fit in a poorly drilled hole of particle board? Guess who the blame falls on for that? Not the person who is sitting there helping you.

I think one of the major hurdles of dealing with build-it-yourself items like these are that you have to follow each little picture and not jump ahead. It’s like building those big lego sets — you just follow the pictures and don’t jump ahead. They’re pretty clear on what they want you to do, but you sometimes have to play with the spatial layout of the sketch vs what’s actually lying on your floor.

It can be fun to come up with curses that integrate the furniture name you’re trying to build. Swedish is a fun lyrical language, and IKEA does not hold back on the use of random, but well placed, words for their items — while “Skogsta” isn’t a word, the “Skogs-” root means forest. Well, this is one beefy laminated table and you actually feel like you’re handling a chunk of wood. The “hem” in Hemnes  means home. The new pet bed/toy line is called “lurvig” which means shaggy. But there are plenty of items that mean nothing at all like Selje, Nesna, and Brusali. Some have words that might not make sense, like “Knarra” for a laundry hamper. The word means crunch or creak. Maybe not what you want your hamper to do. . .

** All translations above are brought to you by Google Translate

While IKEA furniture is known to be of cheaper materials, you can do some smart shopping and come out with some pretty great items that don’t make your house feel like a dorm room. There are a lot of sustainable materials going into their furniture, so you’re possibly doing some environmentally friendly shopping too.


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New Year to Reboot

Well, it’s a New Year and also a 3 day weekend. I just got back from an 8 day vacation on the East Coast and can’t wait to go through those photos and see what kind of memories I captured. So far the highlight for me was going through family photos with my Uncle and then seeing my dad with his best friend from childhood — they were neighbors. I can only hope that when I am up there in years I will still be super close with my neighborhood best friends and we can have hilarious moments remembering the past.

Anyways, today has been a day of cleaning. One thing I will say about this desert weather is that you can open the windows and let in the fresh air rather than wanting to curl up by a fireplace and read a book.

To be rather gross, our kitchen smells like several things rotted to the point of possibly coming back to life as a more simple organism (mmm, mold).  So I have tossed EVERYTHING in our fridge that has expired or was in the goo-stage (found some carrots in a plastic bag that were just orangey-brown liquid and some salad dressing that expired last summer). I’ve also washed all.the.dishes. that had accumulated in or near the sink and around the house.

Poor pup is horrified by all of this cleaning action. He’s curled up in a ball on the couch sleeping away his stress. What a life for a pup. It’s only going to get worse Little Dude — I’m busting out the vacuum cleaner once I put away the dried dishes.

Here’s to a cleaner New Year with more responsible recycling and reusing.

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